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Commission to be submitted to the City Council for adoption within sixty(60) days of the date of the <br /> passage of this Resolution. <br /> Section 3. Mission of Inclusivity Commission. The primary mission of the Pasco <br /> Inclusivity Commission is to assist the Pasco City Council in promoting inclusivity in Pasco. The <br /> Commission shall conduct such activities, including public hearings, to identify means to promote <br /> and embrace diversity and inclusivity and to make such recommendations to the City Council for <br /> action, education, and guidance to foster an environment that includes, accepts, respects and <br /> appreciates all members of our community. <br /> Section 4. Selection of Inclusivity Commission. The Pasco Inclusivity Commission shall <br /> consist of seven(7) voting members. The Mayor shall appoint the members of the commission with <br /> confirmation of the appointments by the Pasco City Council as follows: <br /> 1. The Commission Chairperson shall be selected by the City Council who shall conduct the <br /> meetings of the Commission and report to the Pasco City Council as requested or <br /> provided below. <br /> 2. A Vice-Chair selected by a majority of the Commission shall fulfill the duties of the <br /> Chairperson in absence of the Chairperson. <br /> 3. In appointing members of the Commission, the City Council will strive to select such <br /> members to represent the general City population in age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual <br /> orientation and national origin. <br /> 4. The term for service shall be one (1)year, and may be subject to reappointment. <br /> 5. The commission members or vacancies shall be in accordance with PMC 2.58.010. <br /> 6. The majority rule shall control commission meetings with each member having a single <br /> vote. <br /> 7. Commission members may not assign or grant proxies for their voting rights. <br /> 8. The City Council may appoint a City Councilmember to serve as a non-voting liaison to <br /> the commission. The City Council may direct the City Manager to appoint a staff advisor <br /> who shall serve as a non-voting liaison to the commission. <br /> Section 5. The Commission. The requirements of the commission will be as follows: <br /> 1. Meet one time per month at the date and time determined by the commission, or more <br /> often as may be necessary. <br /> 2. Develop a working plan and procedures in accordance with the Council adopted Charter. <br /> 3. Report to the City Council as progress occurs; however, not less than an annual report to <br /> the City Council. <br /> 4. All Commission Meetings shall be open to the public. <br /> Inclusivity Commission Resolution <br /> Page 2 <br />