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5. All Commission members must be residents who have lived within the Pasco City limits <br /> for at least one (1)year, or have a currently licensed business,operating within the City. <br /> 6. The Commission will issue special reports at the request of the City Council at any time <br /> during its sitting. <br /> 7. The Commission will be an advisory board to the City Council. <br /> Section 6. Goals of Inclusivity Commission. The goals of the Pasco Inclusivity <br /> Commission are as follows: <br /> 1. Examine the practices and procedures of the City of Pasco to identify strategies to create <br /> a greater feeling of inclusion and welcoming for all who live and work in Pasco. <br /> 2. Engage with Pasco residents, interest groups, and businesses, seeking feedback on their <br /> experiences that can improve life in our community. <br /> 3. Identify strategies that help the City to be more inclusive in engaging our residents and <br /> businesses that will better promote unity, equality and understanding in Pasco. <br /> 4. Identify funding strategies to implement these goals. <br /> 5. Provide the City Council with a report on opportunities to recognize and celebrate <br /> Pasco's diverse culture. <br /> 6. Present recommendations to the Pasco City Council on how to achieve the goals above. <br /> Section 7. This Commission shall expire within twenty-four (24) months of the date of <br /> this Resolution unless extended by a majority vote of the Pasco City Council no less than ninety(90) <br /> days prior to the date of expiration. If so extended, the term shall be extended by such period as <br /> determined by the City Council. <br /> Section 8. Effective Date. This Resolution shall be effective upon approval. <br /> PASSED by the City Council of the City of Pasco this 20th day of February, 2018. <br /> CITY OF PASCO <br /> Matt Watkins,Mayor <br /> AT ST: APPROVED AS TO FORM: <br /> I A/ JA e61 <br /> Daniela Erickson,City Clerk e and,--rr, City Attorney <br /> Inclusivity Commission Resolution <br /> Page 3 <br />